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About Utah Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


The mission of UAMFT is to connect individuals, couples, and families to excellent systemic therapy, while connecting systemic therapists to one another. We advocate for the MFT license, profession, and practitioners. We improve the practice of systemic therapy by providing the best continuing education, and we seek to educate potential consumers about the value of systemic mental health treatment.


The vision of UAMFT is to promote Marriage and Family Therapy as a preferred systemic mental health treatment option for individuals, couples, and families in Utah and to provide a professional home for all mental health practitioners who engage in systemic therapies.


The board of directors is a team of elected volunteers. All UAMFT members have the opportunity to vote in elections and coordinate with the board. There are also appointed positions and committee positions open to members who wish to become involved! If you are interested, please reach out to membership chair Aaron Jeffery.


UAMFT is an independent professional home for systems-oriented mental health clinicians in Utah! If you want to join and become a UAMFT member, this is where you do it. We hope you will join today.

We need you and your strengths. We are a volunteer organization most of us therapists who are passionate about our profession, our clients, and the future of marriage and family therapy in Utah. This is our professional home. We connect with, support, and learn from each other. Our annual memberships provide high value at a reasonable cost. We look forward to associating with you.



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